Storm Electric Programmable Monitor System

The Storm Electric Programmable Monitor System provides a superior fog curtain and excellent straight stream reach coupled with precision nozzle positioning. This Storm System is designed for industrial fire suppression, vapor mitigation and other harsh environment applications.

    3698 Storm Electric Programmable Monitor System
  • Brass construction for use in severe environments
  • High efficient flows up to 2500 gpm (9500 lpm) through a 5" waterway
  • Hazardous environment ratings: NEC Class 1, Div. 2, Groups C&D
  • Fully programmable for automated positioning with gas detectors or PLCs
  • Precision servo motors and programmable drives for high accuracy positioning
  • Fixed or automatic baffle nozzle with wide angle fog pattern for vapor mitigation
  • Manual Overrides
STYLE 3698
Storm Monitor
Monitor Control System
Storm Drive System
STYLE 5056

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